Pau Labarta Bajo

I would summarize my experience as Learning to live a wiser life.

In our first session Marija asked us to write down a few specific things we would
love to achieve in different areas of our life. At that time I remembered what I wrote
as something I was dreaming of but I could not figure out how to achieve.

In those sessions I slowly started walking towards those goals. Three teachings were
specially relevant for me. First, building the habit of writting down specific weekly goals in
different areas of our life: personal, work, social, marriage, etc. Second, the pyramid 
of neurolinguistic levels that connects our identify (in the top)
with our beliefs, actions and environment (in the bottom). This simple model helps
me on a regular basis to redefine and re-understand who am I and what is important
for me in life. Third, simple meditation techniques that help me listen to my 
body and achieve states of clearer mind. In this first part of the course I felt
like a baby learning to walk and making his first steps into a wiser way of living my life.

In the second part of the course, “The Hero’s journey”, Marija takes you to a next level
of self awareness. The key learning for me was the cycle we follow when we travel from a stage
in which we are not happy to a happier one. In this process we heal wounds, grow and hence
become happier. Going through these cycles equipped with better tools and more aware
of my own self and the situation and people I am handling with is what makes me feel wiser.

I would recommend Marija’s workshop to anyone who feels that she/he could be happier
in some aspect of their lives. Marija’s own personal life and teachings are
an inspiration and an invaluable resource to anyone who wants to be happier.

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